Compare the Board Game Geek collection of 2 players.

Note: the option "wanted" seems to be wanted in trade (it does not include the wishlist!). The option wanted in trade has been removed, as the API just returns all games in your collection.
Compare the from
Against the from
Not mode: this works exactly the opposite of how it normally works. It displays all games that are not on both lists.
Exclude expansions. Only excludes games that are only expansions. Games that can expand a game and can be played stand alone are not excluded.
Or click here to compare a collection to a geeklist!


  1. Added checkbox to exclude expansions
  2. Added "not mode" where one can check for things not on both selected lists.
  3. It's now possible to compare multiple categories in one request. Use ctrl+left mouse click to select multiple categories.
  4. The comment field is now included in the results.
  5. The wishlist priority is now shown when you compare to a wishlist.
  6. I've updated the script so that it now automatically resubmits queued requests to the BGG XML API. This can influence the loading time!

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